About Alienboy

Although I kind of believe I was born on another planet in the distant future and sent to current day Earth as punishment, I find myself living in Antequera in Southern Spain. Depending when you read this, I will either still be here or over in England, as I am moving there at the beginning of 2008.

I keep myself busy by renting out the villa I own jointly with my awesome wife Ursula Rose. The villa is called Cortijo Las Viñas if you want to check it out.

I also spend a huge amount of time editing and writing for a huge group blog site which has morphed into an online magazine. It is called Blogcritics and anybody who really cares about writing or has strong opinions about TV/Film, Music, Culture, Sci/Tech, Books, Politics, Sports, Gaming, or Tastes will find it worth visiting. My own writing can be found on my Christopher Rose author page and a variety of other sites, from the BC inspired Eurocritics Magazine to my efforts to earn a Virtual Income.

I am now starting a whole new bunch of sites in an attempt to try and put some of my new online marketing knowledge to good use. There is a central hub for an ever-growing network of information sites located at Buying One. This is a kind of online information virtual mall which has steadily updated information about everything from accountancy to worm farming!

Then there is a bunch of semi-dormant blogs on Blogger, covering topics as diverse as Manchester United and Dieting, but I hate the Blogger platform and use that as an excuse not to update them as much as they deserve.

As 2009 gets going, this site, my own little Alienboy’s World, has just graduated from a WordPress.com free blog to its own dedicated site and is going to be a traditional personal blog, covering everything from domestic drama to business adventures.

In addition to my beautiful wife Ursula, I live with two very cool miniature schnauzers, a beautiful salt and pepper English lady called Molly and a very loving all black Spanish lad called Bobby.

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