Welcome to the World!

And yet another blog is born. Let’s hope it’s as fun and useful as I hope…

This blog is going to be a personalised mixture of useful or interesting information, details of (any) interesting events or thoughts about my work, currently a strange mix of villa rental in Spain, for which see http://www.antequeravillarental.com, a small luxury boutique hotel, see http://www.cortijolasvinas.com, my latest adventure as the Spanish and Hispano-American representative of a potentially fantastic new business http://www.liveaccounting.com

Then there will also be the usual mixed commentary on the personal and public challenges of adjusting to a new life in a new country, a new language and culture and all that goes with it.

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  1. Hi , im from malaga , i dont speak very well i have a problem
    i have a blog http://systemblog.wordpress.com/ the design is like yoor blog but my blog dont see the posts with internet explorer , the center of blog dony see , only see the lateral
    do you know why ?

    sorry and thanks

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