Can all the haters please leave the planet?

Watching the vigil for Anthony Walker, the Liverpool teenager horribly murdered by sick evil racists – who killed poor Anthony with an axe and left it sticking out of the back of his head – I’m sitting here with tears rolling down my face listening to the simple dignity of his mother, Gee Walker. I don’t care who you are or what belief system you claim to support, killing is ALWAYS wrong and life SO precious and fragile.

We desperately need a better world to believe in, one where people don’t kill each, where hundreds of millions of people, people damnit, aren’t starving to death or living in abject poverty, where the rich people of the planet passionately feel that poverty, starvation and disease are simply unacceptable in the so-called modern world, where the colour of your skin just doesn’t matter, where politicians don’t control or exploit us but try to help us have better lives, where we can spend 30 billion Euros to end poverty and not 80 billion to wage war. This is the world that should be our right to live in.

A world that doesn’t take these issues as simple, fundamental basics of civilised living, not vague dreams of hopeless romanticism, is not a world that is fit to consider itself ethical, moral or decent.

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  1. For some stupid reason logic doesn’t apply in this world. It never has and I don’t think it ever will. At least, not in our lifetime. Bad things will happen to good people, good things will happen to bad people. We will continue to wage war on those haters, and they will not just go away.

  2. Hi Blair,

    I’m not sure that my view IS logical, I just feel deep in my guts that all life is precious and events like this literally make me feel sick to the stomach.

    Anthony Walker seems to have been a sweet British kid who was murdered by at least 2 sick bastards for no other reason than the colour of his skin.

    That should make all good people feel sick, that and determined to stop it happening again.

    The really good thing is the way it seems to have drawn the vast majority of the good people of Liverpool together in solidarity against this sickness.

    Thanks for stopping by Alienboy’s World.

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