It’s just a game…

I’ve recently decided it was time to update my online gaming fun.

For the last couple of years I’ve been dividing my time between the Alien Adoption Agency an American mostly text based game which is great fun if rather juvenile at times, and the British based “The World’s Biggest Online Football Game” which is a very comprehensive and fun game.

The thing is, to be competitive, you really need to log in every day, to train your alien to be stronger or your football team fitter. And that is just repetitive clicking in a non-graphical environment, which is about as much fun as working in DOS.

Although it’s sad to leave some good friends behind, the excitement offered by the fully graphical world that is Anarchy Online is too cool to resist. Rich, full colour, full screen graphics, seemingly limitless worlds, and a complex social structure make it literally another world; it’s quite a steep learning curve but well worth the effort, and you don’t feel like you have to login everyday. Oh yeah, and it is FREE until January 2006…

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  1. Alienboy,

    Have you tried playing ?

    Its new, and already growing in size. Would be a good place to challenge your manager skills.

    Take a look its free.


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